Proposed BIll 979

February 22, 2023

Dear CBOA members,
I have been informed today to make the CBOA members aware of the proposed Governor's Bill 979. In short, this bill allows each town legislatively adopt an alternative building code that requires zero energy provisions for residential & commercial buildings. This bill is up for public comment on Monday 2/27/23. Please review the bill through the links below. See page 8 of 13 for the details.

Thank you,

Jeffrey C. Pooler
Building Official
Town of Southington

Note that there is a PH on Monday, February 27…here are some other links to the meeting agenda and to submit testimony:

Agenda: Environment Committee; PUBLIC HEARING AGENDA; Monday, February 27, 2023; 10:00 AM; in Room 2B of the LOB and Zoom and YouTube Live (

Submit testimony: