OSBI Response to October Mtg.

Question, what happens if architect passes away after CDs.
OSBI Response – See IBC CT Codes Section “107.6 Additional Requirements” …” In the event such architect or engineer is unable to fulfill his or her review responsibilities, an additional architect or engineer shall be retained and the local building official shall be informed, in writing, of such retainer.”

Concern: State is releasing the codes by Oct 1st but not having a full compiled state book for another month or more this puts financial pressure on the municipalities to have to purchase 2 books
OSBI Response – Please use the free ICC online version in the meantime or subscribe to premium access, while you await the combined books. There is no need to buy two books.

Request – OSBI to consider extending the effective date on adopted codes to allow time for physical books to be published and purchasable
OSBI Response – That is always the goal, unfortunately the process isn’t that simple. We will aim for this in every cycle.

Confirmation of ICC contract for proceeds to be shared with CBOA group
OBSI Response - To be confirmed.

Concerns regarding the massive expense of scanning documents
OBSI Response - Agreed. That’s part of the HB 5428 working group’s consideration.

Discussions on energy code federal funding (which I believe would help municipalities with costs associated with software, ICC subscriptions, electronic equipment, and in this case scanning of documents)
OBSI Response – These are great ideas for the HB 5428 focus group.

Question What is the document retention policy regarding multiple versions of a project (i.e. revisions that were never made, or made after the fact). Do they keep all paper files on file for all 6 or 7 revisions, or only the original document. It was not found on the state librarian website and couldn’t find anything in regards to variations of the same permit set.
OSBI Response – Individuals should contact the State Librarian if there is no clear direction on the website or standards. They would be the best as provide the best possible direction.

Question If paper must stay paper, when what is with the digitization bill.
OBSI Response - It’s about making documents accessible and improving customer service and continuity between building officials, rather than locked in a basement somewhere.

Question Will this override the librarian requirement and allow for scanning of documents?
OSBI Response - No. The State Librarian rules will still apply.

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