Can't log into your LMS account? Forgot your password? Whatever you do, DO NOT create a new account. Contact OEDM and we will help you. If you make a new account, credits you earn won't count. Help is at OEDMLearn@ct.gov

Looking for the fall career development schedule? You'll need to log in to the LMS. On the dashboard menu, click on "Register for Course" to see the catalog of programs. When you've found the classes that you want, click on the blue "Register" button to add it to your cart. It's just like shopping online.

Want to earn credits for the webinars? There is a quiz at the end of every webinar, and you must take the quiz within seven days of the class to get credit.

Getting a spinning wheel when you try to log on to the LMS? It could be that your internet connection is slow, or that there is a firewall preventing your access. Ask your IT Department for help so you can access our Collaborate webinars.