ODEM Seeks Training Faculity

OEDM is looking for our assistance in locating a training facility for the Pre-Licensure Class. They have requested if anyone has any suggestions for training locations to please contact them.

Here is what we're looking for:
• Facility centrally located in the state
• Plenty of free parking
• Classroom with long tables and chairs (so students can spread out their Code books) for up to 40 participants
• Available three days per week, preferably Monday, Wednesday, Friday
• Class runs 60 days, starting in January and ending at the end of May
• Classes are six hours long, so comfortable chairs are a necessity
• Facility must be accessible
• Would prefer separate rest rooms for men and women
• Large projection screen
They are hoping that someone knows of a fire house or municipal building for example that we could use. Facility contact name and number would be helpful also. Responses by August 10th would be appreciated.

Bonnie Becker | Interim Director
Office of Education and Data Management
Department of Administrative Services
450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 1306
Hartford, CT 06103
860.977.9219 cell