COVID-19 President message

Dear CBOA members:

It was “suggested” that I write you a letter recommending adjustments to your work as it relates to the Coronavirus. If you are anything like me, you have received letters like this from your boss, your hometown, your school superintendent, the ICC and your favorite state Building Inspector. And, like me, you have probably stopped reading them by this point. You don’t need me, to tell you that the winds of change have blown us into uncharted territory. We are an organization of predominantly “mature” gentlemen. Which puts those of us over 60 at risk of contracting the infection. Those of us over 60 with preexisting conditions, well good luck.

I suspect that all of you have thought this problem through for yourselves. You have already decided how to modify your behavior and those of your coworkers and staff to minimize the risk while continuing to serve your community. I’m sure you have all seen Joe Cassidy’s recommendations on the subject. I’m not going to pretend to do better than that. We are an organization of detailed driven, rule enforcers. We are the referees of the construction world. But we are also the authors of that rule book. It’s never been a static text. We change it every year. We as an organization, are going to adapt and evolve just as we always have. I know that each of you will find a way to do your job while protecting yourselves and the public. By combining technology with common sense, we will redefine what the profession is all about.

Stay safe my friends,