What Every BO Needs to Know About Building Permitting in Connecticut

CBOA would like to thank co-authors David Jolly and Earl Dean for producing this narrative which certainly we could all benefit from reviewing. For those interested the document is available for members only under "File Library" titled "Building Permitting in Connecticut" under attachments.

Photovoltaic DC Disconnect

Anybody have thoughts on if the positive and negative conductors on a photovoltaic system need to be broken at the DC disconnect? (NEC 690.15)I am awaiting a response from NFPA and will add their answer to my blog.

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Permits

I view these bldgs as accessory structures and a heating appliance that will also need mechanical permits to hook up with existing heating systems. Our zoning dept. does not want to issue a cert. of compliance due to possible legal troubles. As BO I cannot issue permit without zoning approval. Anyone else having problems with these structures?

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