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DAS seeks Director of Education and Data Management

CBOA 2022 Grant Award Announcment

Four Financial Assistance Grants of $1500 will be awarded annually by the Connecticut Building Officials Association.

a. Children or Grandchildren of an active member at time of application.
b. Children or Grandchildren of a former C.B.O.A. member who died while on active-duty list.
c. Children or Grandchildren of a retired C.B.O.A. member who is in good standing.


a. Applications must be completed in full and submitted to the Educational Grant Committee no later than June 1, 2022

HB 5356 Pandemic Pay for Essential Workers

HB 5356 originated on 3/3/2022 out of the Labor Committee and provides pandemic pay to essential workers. It would provide $2000 for full time employees and $1000 for part time employees and would be administered out of the Comptroller’s Office. The public hearing is expected to be held on March 8th.

Please visit

Generators and Standby Power Systems

Please see link provided below from Mike Holt Enterprises.

Common Code Non-compliance Report

Please see attached report, A big thank you to Dave DeLeeuw from Essex for providing.

Membership Drive for FY 21/22 Open

Please see attached membership application.

2020 NEC Changes

Although not officially adopted please see attached.

UL-Free Quarterly Newsletter

Please see attached information.

Basement Construction Guide

CBOA is pleased to announce we have completed our Basement Construction Guide for use. The document is not copyrighted so users may alter the document as they see fit. We hope to produce several more useful documents in the near future in efforts to create a document library for all to utilize.

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