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Reading the proposed ByLaws revisions, I find there is currently no requirement for how and when Notice is given; for meetings or other date-specific events. Such Notice (other than Emergency), found in many ByLAws, would have a legally sufficient time for delivery noted.

It would be a welcome addition to provide for notice if that is possible to consider in this revision:

a) Electronically, where one or more email addresses are recognized in personal information supplied; OR

Proposed Bylaw Change

Please see attached

Hartford seeks Mechanical Plans Examiner

For those interested please see attached.

Windham seeks BO

For those interested please see attached.

OEDM Trainer Positions

For those interested in applying please see attached.

CT Building Code is available for purchase

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2017 Edu. Grant

Please see attached Grant application for 2017, all applications must be received by June 1, 2017.

HB-5177 An Incorporating the IPMC into the State Building Code

A Public Hearing has been set for February 09, 2017 to hear testimony on this bill. You can go to www.cga.ct.gov to find more information on this proposed bill along with how to submit written testimony or to speak at the public hearing. It appears this bill will be heard in front of the Public Safety committee. You can find out more information on how to submit testimony by going to their page.

Link to the bill;


Danbury Seeks Elec. Inspector

For those interested please see attached.

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